GTL Markets

Our core markets are addressed from the suppliers that have been with us from our incorporation date in June of 1996. These include the instrumentation and solutions markets in materials characterization, in particular electrochemistry; nuclear and radiation measurements including analytical systems, health and safety systems and homeland security; and optical spectroscopy and imaging.

Materials Characterization

Products to analyze electrochemical behaviour, surface potential, surface profilometry, thin film measurements, optical spectroscopy, spectrophotometry, RAMAN and photoluminescence spectroscopy, low light imaging, bioassay instrumentation and others. Our markets here include the materials scientist and engineer, the analytical chemist, chemical technologist, biophysicist, microscopist, QA personnel, and those looking for online process solutions.

Nuclear Analysis and Radiation Measurements

Our customer list in this category includes most accounts in Canada that have radioactive materials, that may be working in environmental studies or are service providers and, each of the research accelerator and power plant facilities in the country. These products can be as simple as a handheld Geiger counter to sophisticated Digital Gamma-Ray Spectrometers used as stack monitors or as whole body counters. GTL is one of the major suppliers of radiation detection instrumentation to Canada’s homeland security sector.

Optical Instrumentation for Spectroscopy and Imaging

Products that create and move light; that measure and analyze light; and products for signal detection of a wide variety of signals whether steady state or time resolved. This is a diverse market place with both a wide range and a vertical market for all products. All of our scientific and medical research markets find a use for these products. With a growing cross over with the materials scientist, this is one of our most dynamic and fastest growing business segment.