GTL Suppliers and Products

Original Partners (from 1996)

Pioneering radiation technologies paired with state-of-the-art electronics allowing users to easily make informed decisions when evaluating radiation levels. Thermo Scientific Radiation Measurement and Security Instruments Market leaders in radiation measurement instruments for the health physicist in industry and research and for first responders and homeland security applications. Broad range of handheld instruments, installed monitors, remote monitoring products and components. Incorporates the business of Eberline, ESM, National Nuclear Corp, Reactor Experiments, Xetex, Bicron, Harshaw, Mini, NE and Siemens dosimetry.

Providing solutions to the nuclear scientist for 50 years ORTEC (Ametek AMT) are leaders in HPGe and Silicon Detectors, and nuclear instrumentation systems. Nuclear analysis systems for laboratory, industry or field use. Advanced Software (with built in networking) for multichannel analyzers, multi scalers, advanced nuclide counting analysis, whole body counting. Industry leader in mechanically cooled HPGe detectors. Unique MicroDetective, smallest and lightest battery driven HPGe measurement system.
Ocean Optics Inventors of the world’s first miniature spectrometer, Ocean Optics' spectrometers and complementary technologies have traveled to the Moon, inside active volcanoes, through rain forests and to the top of Mount Everest. Finding your answer begins with Ocean Optics.
Hidex OY Hidex OY Finnish maker of the unique low cost Triathler™ a personal counter for liquid scintillation, gamma and luminometry samples. Triathler is ultra compact and lightweight (approximately the size of a laptop PC) and is powered from a 12volt supply allowing its use in the field. Ultra compact LSC with multi-sample changer and new unique triple PMT counting. Innovative solutions in personal life sciences and assay measurements.