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    We offer installation, training, warranty and repair services.

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    We can design and build complete solutions for your unique needs.

Our Consultative Process

Our aim is to match you with the best solutions to fit your application, working within your budget. Our experts have decades of experience and are well versed in the measurement tools available. With each sale you'll have the opportunity to discuss your project comprehensively.

We offer full support throughout the lifetime of your equipment including installation, training, warranty and repair.

We're here to help. Get in touch and let's discuss your project.

  • ORTEC is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of ionizing radiation detectors, nuclear instrumentation, analysis software, and integrated systems.

  • From routine monitoring and surveillance to emergency response situations, Thermo Scientific advanced, integrated radiation detection and radioactivity measurement instruments mitigate the threat and keep you safe.

  • Ocean Insight (formerly Ocean Optics) began in 1989, seeded by a federal grant for a marine pH sensor. As part of their work, the Ocean team needed a compact spectrometer to fit into a small, underwater housing, and were surprised to discover none existed.

  • Hidex is a family-owned high technology company developing and manufacturing high performance analysis equipment for life science research, radiation measurement and nuclear medicine.

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As GTL has grown, we are proud to have partnered with these industry leading suppliers:

Raptor Photonics Limited provides world class low light level camera solutions to industrial, research and governmental organizations aroundthe globe. Raptor’s focus is to design, manufacture and provide the next generation of high performance, cutting edge, low light level digitalcameras. We have deployed hundreds of their systems, in particular their market leading SWIR cameras. Current systems includebest inclass SWIR and VIS-SWIR cameras, full range of CCD and low noise, fast EMCCD and optimized X-RAY cameras. If your application needs ahigh reliability, compact, low noise and high sensitivity camera, we will work with you to provide you a best solution.

The brands Princeton Applied Research and Solartron are synonymous with electrochemical measurements. The two pioneers of theindustry now offer the widest range of electrochemistry instrumentation and systems and together have more papers published usingtheir equipment than the rest of the industry combined. From a basic potentiostat for CV’s to reference instrumentation forsensitiveDC and EIS measurements to the new state of the art battery test system, PAR-SOL has a solution for your application.

Solar Light Company, LLC has been providing research professionals with laboratory-grade solutions for the advancement of light sciences ever since they invented the world’s first Solar Simulator in 1967. The company is recognized worldwide as a premier manufacturer ofPrecision Light Sources, Light Measurement Instrumentation, UV Transmittance Analyzers, Meteorological Instrumentation, OEM Instrumentation, and over 135 different types of Sensors. They also provide a wide array of services, including accelerated UV materials testing, NIST-traceable spectroradiometric analyses, reflectance and spectral transmittance testing, and calibrations for lightmeters and lightsources.

Protean Instrument, is a leading manufacturer of high-performance counting systems for measuring alpha/beta activity at very low environmental levels. The company was founded in 1989 by people who were the principal designers and manufacturers of the classic "dual-rail" alpha/beta and smear counting systems. Their design and manufacturing expertise is evident in the number of these classic systems still operating today. They arecommitted to great customer service and to providing dependable, long-lasting equipment.

Serstech started in 2002 building small reliable accurate spectrometers with a focus on quality and design. Recently the company is producing robust, handheld RAMAN spectrometers for chemical measurements, offering specific libraries to address market segments including the pharmaceutical measurement field. Their products are CFR21 compliant, offer straightforward intuitive use in a highly deployable form factor.

Raddec International Ltd designs, comprehensively tests and markets innovative radioanalytical technologies for extracting volatile radionuclides from diverse materials. Raddec’s hardware innovations focus on the extraction of volatile elements and radionuclides from sample solutions. The instrumentation has found extensive application in various sectors including nuclear decommissioning, nuclear defense, nuclear fusion research, environmental, regulatory, AMS analytical laboratories and academic research.

MicruX Technologies develops and manufactures innovative solutions in microfluidic devices, electrochemical transducers and miniaturized analytical instrumentation taking advantages of the most recent Lab-on-a-Chip technologies. The company specializes in microfluidics and electrochemicaldetection systems especially designed for research but also for university education. Their USB powered and interfaced electrochemical workstation (both DC and AC electrochemistry) is an ideal mate for their extensive line of microelectrodes and holders.

Clyde Hyper Spectral Imaging (HSI) are specialists in hyperspectral imaging and in optical spectroscopy.  They provide each client with a complete, end-to-end hyperspectral imaging solution, each designed and rigorously tested to ensure robust, reliable, accurate and repeatable hyperspectral imaging measurements across a range of academic and industrial applications. Their Photonics Research Facility provides the  capability to rapidly develop new products and systems including providing solutions in heritage art, food production, and precision agriculture.  ClydeHSI’s platforms allow for rapid customization to meet the new applications arising from the rapidly growing field of hyperspectral imaging.

Swedish maker SynkTek has a long history in analog electronics design, offering customized solutions for a wide range of precision measurement needs.  Their flagship product is a compact multichannel lock in amplifier system which can make complex AC and DC measurements on up to ten different analog signals. 

Hinalea Imaging provides spectral and spatial information in a compact affordable form factor. Their award-winning platform unifies the power of hyperspectral and digital imaging to generate data-rich images, rapidly that reveal critical details about a product. Applications include food safety and quality, a wide range of applications in precision agriculture, industrial measurements and defense.

Ultra Energy is a global engineering and design manufacture leader with over six decades of experience designing for heavily regulated markets, such as nuclear, aerospace, oil and gas, and more. They develop sensors, instrumentation and control solutions for harsh environments and mission critical applications when safety and reliability matter. GTL focuses on the radiation measurement side of Ultra Energy when criticality in the measurement is paramount. 

Vision Analytical Inc. is a science-led company focused on creating particle measurement solutions for material characterization with best-in-class instrumentation and application expertise.  Key industrial markets are in pharma, metal powders, cement, mining and minerals, cosmetics, foods, and in related application areas.

Liquid Instruments’ test equipment with Instrument-on-Chip technology delivers a unique combination of performance and versatility. MOKU (Hawaiian for Island and the Hawaiian Island Chain) represents an FPGA based platform with ADC, DAC, GPIO and so on, all programmable to present a single compact high performance test instrument.  MOKU:Pro has 10 professional-grade instruments in one integrated platform, all operable from an iPAD.

Spectrum Techniques has been our reliable and quality provider of exempt quantity radioactive sources for calibration and check source needs since early in GTL’s history.