The Analytical Nuclear and Radiation Safety Measurement market includes those facilities making quantitative measurements of radionuclides and all matters related to protection protocols.

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Counting Labs

Analytical Nuclear measurements are at the core of the counting lab, found in materials science, general chemistry labs, facilities doing assays and health physics departments.  GTL addresses this important market segment with a comprehensive suite of instrumentation, systems and software providing the counting lab professional with the tools needed to provide reliable results. Consult with our sales team to configure the best set of instrumentation to meet the laboratory needs.


ORTEC has provided Gamma Spectroscopy systems based on HPGe detectors, low level shielding and advanced digital electronics / analysis software for much of their 60+ years in business. They are recognized as a world leader in these advanced systems.  GTL provides full service, installation, and support for the many units we have installed.

ORTEC’s Alpha Spectrometers and related hardware provide for multiple sample low background alpha particle counting and analysis.  A full range of detectors are provided to optimize the counting configuration.

ORTEC were the first to create a true battery powered, hand held HPGe system.  Now after multiple generations these offer high reliability in a compact field deployable counting instrument.  Consult with us to find a configuration that best suits your counting need.

Hidex provides multi-sample Liquid Scintillation Counters featuring a small and light footprint and their unique TDRC counting technique.  Their LSC systems may be configured for standard laboratory counting or in low and super low-level configuration.  Hidex provides an alpha-beta separation option for each model with industry leading results.  Hidex is also the manufacturer of the ultra-compact Sense microplate reader and new sample preparation and oxidizer instruments.

More recently their AGC Automatic Gamma Counter has provided a small and light counter offering the lab scientist an affordable multi-sample counter for gamma assays.

As one of GTL’s original supplier-partners, GTL has been providing the Hidex Triathler to counting labs, field science and health physics professionals since our company’s incorporation.  Hidex has chosen to keep the Triathler in its original colours and logo to note it as their legacy instrument.  If your work requires single sample, portability (Triathler can run off a 12volt battery), and the footprint of a Letter sized paper, please consult with us to discuss which model of Triathler best suits your needs.

The leading manufacturer of high performance counting systems for measuring alpha/beta activity at very low environmental levels.

The company was founded in 1989 by people who were the principal designers and manufacturers of the classic "dual-rail" alpha/beta and smear counting systems.

Their design and manufacturing expertise is evident in the number of these classic systems still operating today. Protean provides the highest level of customer service and support for their dependable, long-lasting equipment.

Raddec International Ltd designs, comprehensively tests and markets innovative radioanalytical technologies for extracting volatile radionuclides from diverse materials. These systems are designed by scientific practitioners who understand the technical issues and demands faced by modern radioanalytical laboratories.

Raddec’s hardware innovations focus on the extraction of volatile elements and radionuclides from sample solutions. The instrumentation has found extensive application in various sectors including nuclear decommissioning, nuclear defense, nuclear fusion research, environmental, regulatory, AMS analytical laboratories and academic research.

Raddec’s range of equipment, software and consumables is underpinned by published scientific research, is extensively tested and is in routine use in numerous radioanalytical laboratories worldwide.

Radiation Protection

ThermoScientific, part of the Field Safety Instruments group have been manufacturing radiation measurement instrumentation for over 70 years. Legendary brands Eberline, ESM FAG, Bicron, Nuclear Enterprises, National Nuclear Corp, Siemens Dosimetry and Harshaw all are part of Thermo’s pedigree.  We at GTL have worked with ThermoScientific since our company’s incorporation and pride ourselves on having the deep expertise to best advise you which product or system is best for your application.

  • RadEye

    The ThermoScientific RadEye is a family of ultra-compact personal radiation meters for measuring alpha, beta, x-ray, gamma and/or neutron radiation.

    A comprehensive eco-system of accessories allows one to configure the meter or meters of choice for personal monitoring, at length measurements via telescoping probe, dose rate or as an effective area monitor.  GTL has provided 1000’s of units since the product introduction and it continues to be one of the most popular meters in the industry.

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  • Radhalo

    RadHalo™ RDP and FM Spectroscopic Area Monitors are deployable (RDP) or fixed (FM) radiation monitors featuring sensitive, high precision gamma and neutron probes. 

    The monitors feature real-time data collection across a wide range of environments and radiation dose rate levels. For nuclear power and associated emergency response personnel, the RadHalo instruments’ remote monitoring and turn-key data reachback telemetry capabilities eliminate the need to place personnel in risky environments.

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  • ASM

    ASM™ IV is a family of installed monitors including vehicle and gate monitors. Each system is based on Thermo’s X-Channel platform running a Linux operating system to provide both accurate and reliable detection of unwanted sources of radiation in an extremely rugged environment.

    Systems may be configured from one to many radiation detection modules (RDM) to maximize the efficiency of detection.  Engage with us to help configure the best ASM system for your needs.

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Nuclear Medicine & Cancer Treatments

The Harshaw name is synonymous with providing accurate dosimetry data. Their full range of TLD readers, accessories andc materials provides the Nuclear Medicine facility the defacto standard in passive dosimetry. 

Coupled with the TruDose line of active dosimeters, the RadEye personal meter and the wide range of accessories, we present a comprehensive suite of instrumentation to assist the health physicist in their day to day work.

Industrial and Nuclear Power Plant Solutions

GTL has been providing specialized measurement systems to Canada’s Nuclear Power Plant industry since our company's inception.  High resolution Gamma Ray Spectroscopy systems based on ORTEC’s HPGe Detectors, deployable measurement systems, contamination monitoring solutions, stack and perimeter monitors from ThermoScientific and from Ultra Electronics as well as all our systems from our Counting Lab product grouping are provided to the NPP and Industrial sectors.  Whether you are considering a control system, an ingress/egress monitor, vehicle monitor or handheld solutions, please consult with us to best meet your application.


GTL is proud to be partnered with ORTEC, a cornerstone supplier-partner when we started the company.  They are one of the oldest names in research instrumentation with countless products from electronics to detectors, to full systems in many of the world’s research institutions. 

Whether your work requires a single detector, a detector array, specific electronics or something out of the ordinary, please consult with us to find the best solution for your work.