GTL has been providing Homeland Security and First Responder solutions since the late 1990’s.  Our radiation measurement products have been used by Canadian military, police, fire departments and both federal and provincial emergency planning departments.  More recently, we have been promoting the capabilities of the SERSTECH handheld chemical identifier for chemical, explosive and narcotics identification.
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With Serstech Arx in hand, any operative becomes an expert at chemical identification. Quick ScanTM gives an accurate result within seconds with a single press of a button.  The Arx has been designed together with police and first responder teams to solve the real problems operatives face in the field. Determine what’s in front of you in seconds, without complexity. Narcotics, explosives, TICs and chemical warfare agents.

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The industry-first and patented autofocus functionality determines packaging material and thickness to ensure optimal accuracy and removal of interference. The patented Serstech SERS kit allows for quick identification of very low concentrations and fluorescent samples.

“Serstech Arx represents a revolutionary advance in the 785nm Raman spectroscopy marketplace.  The unique SharpEye autofocus protocols can achieve maximum available Raman signal without manual intervention. The small form factor, low cost, large library, and ease of use make it the ideal solution in the Raman marketplace especially for narcotics and contraband identification.”


GTL has provided more of the Thermo RadEye personal meters to the Canadian marketplace than any of its other products.  The RadEye suite of ultra compact, highly versatile radiation meters provide the first responder with a true grab and go solution when potential radiation hazards may be involved.  The product portfolio offers a complete range of accessories, detectors and configurations to detect and analyze any radiation that may be present.

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In addition to the standard products, GTL has provided multiple versions of kits for specific needs, including special zero-tolerance cases, lanyards, custom manual and quick start guides.  It is our pleasure to discuss how a RadEye solution may best help you in your work.

Analytical and Special Security Methods


ORTEC has been applying its HPGe detector technology to CBRNE applications since the 1990’s.  The first commercially available PINS (Portable Neutron Interrogation System), first truly hand held HPGe detector based survey instrument and now deployable integrated HPGe based systems for industrial and security applications.  

If your need is critical identification of a material or if you suspect the presence of a special nuclear material ORTEC has solutions to help.

Pictured: ORTEC PINS - Field deployable portable neutron interrogation system for rapid determination of ordinance.


The Hidex Triathler™ provides us with a measurement platform that is small (letter sized footprint), lightweight (20lbs nominally) and portable (may be run for hours from a common 12volt battery) and is ultimately deployable for at site measurements.  The multi-label version incorporates an LSC/Luminometer mode as well as an NaI detector.  In addition, the instrument may be configured with an external Pb shield and larger NaI Well Detector for more sensitive gamma spectroscopy measurements.

GTL is proud of our many Triathler installations for emergency and industrial measurements.

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