We offer a selection of services that help ensure smooth operation of your new equipment. Not sure what you need? Get in touch and our staff will match the best equipment and services to your needs. 

  • Installation

    Ensure a smooth start. We offer system integration prior to shipping, as well as on-site installation and setup.

  • Training

    Many of our systems are self installable and are intuitive enough to not require training, however as is the case with many newer instruments and systems, operational instruction is invaluable in the initial user experience. 

  • Warranty

    We provide an in-Canada warranty with the same general terms and conditions as the original product. If factory return is necessary for the repair, we'll coordinate shipping and cross-border transport.

  • Service

    Our service group does much more than fix instrumentation. As part of our company QC program, service will assist our shipping group in the incoming inspection process, in some cases, assembling and running components in an in-system test.

Custom Solutions

By the nature of the field of Advanced Measurements, many of our solutions will become more of a custom nature than a pure off the shelf solution. We have 25+ years experience providing unique solutions from the various instruments and accessories in our portfolio. Contact us today to discuss your project's needs.


Our custom kitting services combine our supplier's measurement tools with all the necessary details to suit your application's needs. Our tailored kits may include specialized cases, software, bilingual manuals, custom lanyards, and more. We have created kits for Health Canada, RCMP, DND and NATO. Contact us today to discuss a custom kitting project.

CSA Certification

If a special CSA certification is required, we coordinate with a local certification company and our service group will ensure the instrumentation meets the requirements.