Gamble Technologies Limited

What is your company?

Gamble Technologies Limited, known in our industry as GTL, is a full-service distributor of advanced measurement instrumentation serving the Canadian STEM marketplace. We incorporated in June of 1996 and have become a premium provider of these related solutions in our industry.

What do you do?

GTL works closely with each customer to provide the best solution from our list of supplier-partners, occasionally bringing in other manufacturers as we integrate a complete system. We strive to provide the highest value to our customers with a high a level of support in the presale consultation, during the sale and with post sales follow-up including installation and training options. Our service department provides in Canada warranty service and post warranty service contracts.

Our extensive client list includes every university and technical school in Canada, government R&D facilities working in related disciplines, research hospitals, first responders, military and many companies incorporating our solutions in their products.

Where is GTL located?

GTL maintains a distribution facility in Mississauga ON complete with front offices, board room, demo facility, service and sales center. One third of the facility is devoted to shipping and receiving.  We have regional sales locations including Vancouver, Calgary, and the Ottawa area for full national coverage.

I need service, what do I do?

In some cases, a discussion with your sales associate will help to resolve an issue so do feel free to contact the salesperson who helped you acquire your instrument.  Or start your service request with either a call to our main number (1 905 812-9200) or an email to with a request for help.  Our service department will engage with you from that point on.

I’m in a university and funds are limited. Can GTL help meet my budget?

Yes. GTL strives to find a way, in particular for universities, for our customers to purchase our products. As we are not a discount provider, this may take some creativity and we invite our supplier-partners to assist as well.

I’m applying for a CFI grant, can you help?

Yes. We have worked on Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI) requests since the program first initiated in 1997 with funds available in the fall of 1998.  GTL was one of the first vendors to participate winning a large and comprehensive order for a high-resolution gamma ray measurement system.  The program then, as it is today, requests an academic discount, then a further approx. 20% contribution in kind from the vendor which is matched by the CFI and by the host research institute.  This type of financial contribution is largely just not possible given the niche market for advanced measurement systems and the relatively low margins.  However, by offering value added services, additional warranty, customization, and in some cases accessories, GTL can still make a valuable contribution as our in-kind discounting.

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