We work with every university and technical school in Canada, many of whom have affiliations with key medical facilities, cancer treatment centers.

We understand that Canadian universities work with specific budgets based on a granting year.  To help meet many of these constrained budgets, we strive to find a way for our academic accounts to purchase our products. As we are not a discount provider, this may take some creativity as we invite our supplier-partners to assist in the sales situation.

GTL has worked on Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI) requests since the program first initiated in 1997 with funds available in the fall of 1998.  We were one of the first vendors to participate.

The program requests an academic discount, then a further ~20% contribution in kind from the vendor, which is matched by the CFI and the host research institute. This type of financial contribution is largely just not possible given the niche market for advanced measurement systems and the relatively low margins. However, by offering value added services, additional warranty, customization, and in some cases accessories, GTL can still make a valuable contribution as part of our in-kind discounting.